We Can Order The Same Or Taste Each Other’s

The story of a Novella

My novella was always meant to be a complete entity. It’s really close to my heart. I did feel, though, that ‘We can…’ was too thin to make it to paperback. In the meantime, in what I think is a first for Ink Pantry, Deborah Edgeley very kindly edited and published my ‘book’ over three days in April. You can read it for free here:

Part One Part Two Part Three

I was more than pleased with the Edgeley edit. As a BSc (Hons) in Social Sciences with The Open University, it was great to be co-working again to achieve goals. From there, I decided to publish it on Amazon purely for amassing a few reviews and also for packaging the work together as an eBook with a cover (something I’d long envisaged). The eBook is available here.

My love story was well received and gained some great reviews:

Smith brings a huge amount of realism to the story, sprinkling social commentaries and the occasional flight of fancy among the dates between two people finding each other later in life. He deals head on with unseen disabilities and the life someone afflicted with these daily battles faces and the mental and physical toll this takes. David Green.

The writing was a delight, creating extremely realistic and relatable situations. The story is emotionally driven and well-crafted, both uplifting and sad in equal measures. Overall, a unique and entertaining read. Red Cape Publishing.

I am so blessed as a writer to see this work evolve. So, from there, I had enough other published fictions and verse to consolidate it all into a paperback. ‘Something Said’ offers the original piece complete with the ‘contents’ as menu in the Quinn-Farkas edit. I hope you enjoy the meals, the laughter and the idioms. I hope you’ll join Marie as she explores the bigger questions.

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