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Hearts of the Matter

Hearts of the Matter

A collection of Haiku, some of which have been commended in National magazines, to celebrate Hull winning the ‘City of Culture’. Poems include the passing of time and the falling of leaves in Autumn.

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Something Said

Something Said

Mark Anthony Smith’s “Something Said” is a splendid compilation of short “fictions and verse” artfully crafted by the long-time author.

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Keep It Inside

Keep It Inside & Other Weird Tales

From Mark Anthony Smith, author of Something Said, comes Keep It Inside. A mix of short stories and flash fiction, Keep It Inside & Other Weird Tales features a variety of works to satisfy the tastes of any horror lover – from the gruesome to the sinister, the strange to the outright bizarre.

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There’s a house in every neighbourhood that no-one likes. Elizabth used to cross the road to avoid its long shadows. Kim wakes from fevered, sweat-soaked nightmares if she finally sleeps. The house is the focus of many tall tales. But some friends can get away with murder to dispel a few ghost stories. Some friends are strong enough to confront their darkest fears and put a few skeletons to bed. Aren’t they? The house… it penetrates the soul!

(with a cover by Adrian Baldwin)

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Hearts of the Matter: Smith has presented the reader with an intense collection of his Haiku poems in Hearts of the Matter. Coupled with simple drawings to set the scene, the words provoke deeper thought and, at times, just admire the simple pleasure of life itself. Read the full, 5-star review from Reader’s Favorite here.

Keep It Inside & Other Weird Tales: Mark Anthony Smith’s narrative pulses with intensity and suspense in which the characterization mirrors the unsettled and bizarre part of the human psyche. In the title story Keep It Inside, the concept of reverse childbirth is beyond my imagination, making it a disturbing but interesting read at the same time. Read the full, 5-star review from Reader’s Favorite here.

Keep It Inside & Other Weird Tales: Keep It Inside and Other Weird Tales is a fine introduction to Smith’s work. It is short enough to read in a single sitting, yet varied enough, with its blend of gritty realism and dark fantastic sceneries, to appreciate the full span of his talents. Read the full review from This is Horror here.

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