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Mark Anthony Smith - Author

A page dedicated to book reviews has now been added, with the first review for Monster Double Feature by Mark Cassell. Find out more about this great read by visiting the new page.

August 5th saw the release of D is for Demons, the fourth in Red Cape Publishing’s series of 26 anthologies, which includes Mark’s story What the Trees Recall. You can buy the book here for Kindle and in paperback. Mark’s story, The Malevolent Guise, is included in E is for Exorcism, coming September 16th, and available to pre order here.

You can find new artwork on Burn on the Retina, Mark’s special project supporting artists in the horror community and beyond.

Artist @Yuno_art66

Tomorrow sees Red Cape Publishing release the sequel to the terrific Madman Across the Water by Caroline Angel. The Curse Awakens is available to pre order here.

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